11 Amazing Health benefits of Pawpaw (Carica Papaya)

Greetings to all my readers! In today’s articles, I am going to share with you the health benefits of pawpaw (papaya).

The Pawpaw plant was first cultivated in South America during pre-Columbian times. It reached Asia in the eighteenth century, and Europe in the sixteenth century. Today, Carica Papaya is now grown all over the place.

The pawpaw plant is God’s gift to all humankind. Pawpaw plant is like a clinic on its own. It is a complete department because of the numerous health benefit endowed in this plant. Some people believe Pawpaw is meant for eating alone. Obviously not, the inquiry is, what number of us know the MEDICAL value of Carica Papaya?

A story

Many years back, I visited a close buddy in his home with his wife and two children. This, my friend, had an old SORE that refused to heal despite all daily medications. The SORE has gotten into a severe stage that my friend’s leg was getting rotten away. I questioned him, why did he not treat the SORE. He said, “I do treat it with western medicines, but the leg is so stubborn”.

To be sincere, hearing this sentence (… western medicines, but the leg is so stubborn) from him was a kind statement from him that wasn’t cool to me and I made up my mind to help him out of the situation. Shockingly at the back of his home, are two good-looking Pawpaw plants. Immediately, I teach him how to treat his SORE with Pawpaw fruit. After one month, his leg was healthy once again, and he was able to trek down to my house without anyone holding him.

Several people are dying daily of common illnesses that can be easily cured with plants growing at the back of their houses. Visit our clinic centers, and you will understand. The pawpaw plant helps and improves the digestion of protein and removes worms. The ripe ones are very rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

The following are some health benefits of the Pawpaw plant:

Worms Removal

To use the Pawpaw plant to remove worms, chew one or two spoonfuls of the seeds of ripe Pawpaw fruit first in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime. Take this for 2 – 3 days for effective results.

Chronic Ulcer or Sore

To treat chronic ulcers, get unripe Pawpaw fruits, cut them into 4 cubes, pick one and tie it directly to the wound area. This must be practiced four to 4 times daily or till the wound dried off. To fasting, the healing process, eat plenty of ripe Pawpaw fruits.

Malaria Fever

Most people don’t know that the yellow Pawpaw leaves can be used to treat Malaria fever. To do this, get a yellow Pawpaw leaf, squeeze them in drinkable water, and extract the shaft. Two(2) cups should be taken in the morning and at night for 12 days.


Diabetes is one of the deadly illnesses that adults are suffering from. To use the pawpaw plant to treat this illness, get green pawpaw leaves, extract the juice by squeezing the leaves with drinkable water, and remove the shaft. Take the juice (3 full glass cups) every day (morning, night, and evening).


To get rid of constipation, get green pawpaw leaves, extract the juice by squeezing the green pawpaw leaves with drinkable water, remove the shaft, add a little salt, stir for about 2 minutes, and your pawpaw juice is ready for consumption. A glass full cup should be taken in the morning, same in the afternoon and in the evening time.

Stomach Ulcer

Get unripe pawpaw fruit, cut into cubes with the seeds, soak for 4 days, remove the cubes and the seeds off the water. Drink a half cup twice a day for a complete 14 days, this preparation is also effective for treating internal ulcers.

External Ulcer

Extract the milky sap from the unripe pawpaw fruits. This milky sap contains PAPAIN which is very effective for the treatment of chronic wounds or ulcers. To get the milky sap, gently cut unripe pawpaw fruits and wait patiently for the milky sap to drop in a container. This milky sap can also be obtained from a ripe pawpaw fruit.


To treat convulsion, get brown pawpaw leaf and grind into powder form, add palm kernel oil, mix for a complete 4 minutes. Rub or massage this all over your body. You can also use these directions to treat fever. This (the mixture of grind pawpaw leave and palm kernel oil) drastically lowers the body temperature within 7 minutes of consumption.


The majority of people believe that asthma has a known cure, but I am happy to announce to you that, asthma has a cure. Get dried pawpaw leaves, burn them, and inhale the smoke during an attack. This will automictically bring immediate relief to the patient. To prevent a future attack, inhale the smoke every night before you doze off.


The pawpaw root is also very effective when it comes to the treatment of respiratory problems, most especially bronchitis. To get this treated, boil the pawpaw roots for about 20 – 30 minutes, and drink half a cup 2 times daily. This same preparation goes for the treatment of piles. For piles treatment, drink a half cup 3 times in a single day.


Get unripe pawpaw fruits, cut into cubes with the seeds, boil for 20 minutes, and take a half cup 3 times a day.

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