Advantages Of Washing Your Face With Cold Water

Advantages of washing your face with cold water: The temperature of the water DOES matter when you wash your face!

Many people believe that washing your face with hot water opens up the pores while washing with cold water clogs them, but this is a myth.

So, if you believe that washing your face with hot water is beneficial, you may be mistaken!

Hot water can irritate your face's delicate skin and make it dry and brittle by washing away the protective oil (aka sebum) produced naturally by the sebaceous glands located beneath our skin's layers. As a result, it is recommended that you wash your face with cold or lukewarm water.

Washing your face with cold water in the dead of winter may appear foolish and counterproductive at first!

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But trust us when we say that once you've experienced these top advantages of washing your face with cold water, you'll never wash your face with hot water again! Continue reading to learn about the advantages of washing your face with cold water.

Advantages Of Washing Your Face With Cold Water

Advantages 1: It Reduces The Chances Of Skin Sagging

Cold water tightens pores, reducing the likelihood of skin sagging. The use of cold water to wash your face on a regular basis will help to reduce the appearance of aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. (P.S. - Pores do not open or close due to water temperature, but they can be tightened by using cold water and the proper face toners!)

Advantages 2: It Reduces Face Swelling Or Puffy Face

Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked in the mirror to find your face and eyes swollen? Don't worry, nothing a little (cold) water can't fix! Splash some cold water on your face and the swelling or puffiness will disappear in a matter of seconds!

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You can also try the cold spoon technique, which involves chilling two metal spoons for 5 to 10 minutes and then placing them over your eyes for instant relief from puffy eyes.

Advantages 3: It keeps harmful UV rays from reaching your skin

Doesn't that sound strange? This is how it works: When we wash our faces with cold water, the pores of our skin tighten. To some extent, the tightened pores protect our face from sun rays, preventing all of the negative effects of harmful UV rays that can damage our skin.

However, this does not excuse you from wearing sunscreen! Remember to wear sunscreen all day, every day!

Advantages 4: It Soothes Sunburns & Rashes

This is an old trick that people use to treat sunburned skin right away. Surprisingly, it also helps with skin allergies!

You can learn more about the best home remedies for sunburns by clicking here.

Advantages 5: It Cures Hangover

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Have you had some "extra" drinks last night at a party or while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show? Simply splash cold water on your face to alleviate the effects of a hangover. Taking a cold shower will also help you get rid of your hangover quickly!

Advantages 6: It Slows Down The Aging Process Of the Skin

While it is nearly impossible to avoid the signs of aging once you reach a certain age unless you have a strong anti-aging skincare regimen, you can at least delay their appearance! To reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow feet in your late 20s or 30s, stick to your anti-aging skincare routine and wash your face with cold water every day!

Other Benefits Of Using Cold Water

These aren't typically associated with those crazy cold-water enthusiasts. Try athletic, youthful, toned, with glowing complexions and boundless energy.

So, what's their trick? What are the true health benefits of regular exposure to cold water, and are they available to non-masochistic people?

1. Immune system booster

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A sudden and drastic change in temperature is considered an attack by your body, as anyone who has ever fallen overboard in British waters will agree. And, while "attacking" your own body may not seem like a good idea, there is no harm in keeping it alert. In fact, the opposite is true.

Czech scientists immersed witting subjects in cold water for one hour three times a week and monitored their physiology.

They discovered significant increases in white blood cell counts as well as several other immune-related factors.

This was attributed to the cold water being a mild stressor that activates and trains the immune system.

2. For an all-natural high

Winter swimmers rave about the 'high' they get from cold water, a sense of well-being that is so pervasive that it becomes addictive (who doesn't want to feel truly good at least once a day?) What is the root cause? Endorphins.

Endorphins are the body's natural painkillers, and a cold dip uses them to relieve the sting on your skin. So, all you have to do to get high on your own supply is jump in a river.

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And if that sounds dangerously close to the pleasure/pain divide, you're probably correct. Pain and orgasm are the two other primary causes of endorphin release.

The cold will also stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of rest and repair, which can result in the release of dopamine and serotonin.

These neurotransmitters are essential to our happiness, and low levels of them have been linked to depression.

Combine this effect with the endorphin rush as you take the plunge, and you should emerge with a warm glow and a wide smile.

3. Gets your blood pumping

Being hot causes blood to rise to the surface. Being cold causes it to travel to your organs.

Both extremes cause your heart to work like a pump. That's why people glow when they sit in the sauna, roll in the snow, and then sit in the sauna. But why is increased blood flow beneficial?

For starters, it helps flush your circulation by pushing blood through all of your capillaries, veins, and arteries. 

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It will exfoliate your skin and remove impurities, improving your complexion (firm-bodied women of all ages around poolsides say it stops cellulite). 

Evidence also shows that your body adapts to cold exposure with repeated exposure, which may improve circulation, particularly to your extremities - never a bad thing in the winter.

You could get these benefits by switching between hot and cold shower heads (or the sauna, snow, sauna thing), but that doesn't sound nearly as enjoyable as a quick dip in your local pond followed by a warm wrap.

4. Improves your sex life

A cold shower may conjure up images of hot-headed young men trying to control their desires, but research suggests otherwise.

Participants in a study similar to the one described above took daily cold baths and were monitored for changes.

In addition to similar findings to their Czech counterparts, these researchers discovered increased testosterone and estrogen production in men and women, respectively.

These hormones not only increase libido in both sexes, but they also play an important role in fertility. 

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Bathing one's testicles in cold water every day is one technique recommended for men considering fatherhood. 

Whatever your sexual desires, a different kind of dip could certainly give your sex life a boost.

5. Burns calories

Swimming is great exercise, but there are some additional benefits to swimming in the North Sea that you won't get from a warm dip in the Mediterranean.

Bathing or Swimming in cold water forces your body to work twice as hard to keep you warm, resulting in more calories burned.

Fat is your body's primary source of energy for this type of exercise, and the increased work rate will boost your metabolism in the long run.

FAQs Related To Advantages Of Washing Your Face With Cold Water

Can I wash my face with cold water everyday?

Yes, you can wash your face every day with cold water. Simply wash your face with lukewarm water first to remove makeup, oil, and dirt. To tighten pores, use cold water as your first and last rinse of the day.

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Can cold water remove pimples?

Washing your face with cold water is said to be very beneficial for acne sufferers because it can reduce the extent of swelling and inflammation, particularly around acne-prone areas. There is, however, no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Does cold water make your face look younger?

Washing your face with cold water will also make it appear younger. The same logic is used when rubbing an ice cube on your face, which is another skincare hit. Simply splashing your face with cold water can significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

How long should I put my face in cold water?

Giving yourself an ice-water facial is as easy as it sounds: Fill a bowl halfway with water and ice, then immerse your entire face for 20 to 30 seconds.

Is Cold water good for OILY skin?

If you have oily skin, on the other hand, constricting the pores with cold water may help to control excess oil so that your complexion does not become as shiny as quickly.

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Do you think you'll start washing your face with cold water now that you've learned about the advantages of washing your face with cold water? For questions or inquiries, kindly leave a comment in the comment section!

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