Where Can I Buy Calcium Hydroxide

Where can I buy calcium hydroxide? Calcium hydroxide is also called slaked lime. You can buy calcium hydroxide online (such as on Amazon, eBay, etc.) and in physical stores. 

The Truth Behind Calcium Hydroxide Usage

Calcium hydroxide is one of the chemical compounds that, due to its acidic properties, is not used in the production of calcium supplements.

It is produced as a white powder or colorless crystal when another chemical compound, calcium oxide, is quenched with water.

It can also be made by combining an aqueous (water-based) sodium hydroxide solution and an aqueous calcium chloride solution.

Heat causes it to decompose into water and calcium oxide. One of the products, lime water (formed by a suspension of fine particles of calcium hydroxide in water), is a medium-strength base that reacts violently with acids and attacks many metals in the presence of water.

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Calcium hydroxide is used in a variety of applications due to its strong basic properties, including the following:

  • In the form of lime, it is used for sewage treatment and acid soil improvement.
  • It is used in the manufacture of plaster, whitewash, and mortar.
  • It also acts as an alkaline, which is used in lye-free hair relaxers as a non-lye substitute.
It is also employed as a reagent in the following processes:

  • The reef aquarium is a bio-available calcium additive solution for calcium-using organisms such as snails, algae, corals, and hard tube worms.
  • In the tanning industry as an extra acid neutralizer.
  • For use in petroleum refining as an ingredient in the production of oil additives such as sulphatic and fanatic.
  • For chemical use as an ingredient in the production of calcium stearate.
  • For water processing, such as alcoholic and carbonated beverages.
  • To remove the magnesium and carbonate contents of calcium when making salt for food.
It is also used in the following applications as a filler:

  • The production of solid oil.
  • Production of brake pads.
  • Ebonite manufacturing.
  • Dry mix preparation for painting and decorating.
  • Production of pesticide mixtures.
  • Polikar production (a drug that is used as a preservative for vegetables and fruits during the storage period).
  • It is also used in a paste that is used in root canal procedures to reduce inflammation while also acting as a disinfectant within the infected area.
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Calcium hydroxide overdose, on the other hand, can have dangerous consequences due to its acidic properties, such as breathing difficulties, internal bleeding, hypotension, skeletal muscle paralysis, and an increase in the blood's pH level, which can cause damage to the body's internal organs.


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