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Jen Psaki, the former White House press secretary, has had a long career in politics, but one thing I noticed while watching videos of her over the years is that her weight seemed to fluctuate quite a bit.

Her appearance changed dramatically from her early days working on political campaigns to her time at the White House.

So, we decided to investigate how she lost weight and whether she had previously discussed her health.

Here's what we discovered about Jen Psaki's weight loss journey.

Quick Summary About Jen Psaki Weight Loss

Jen Psaki's career highlight was becoming President Joe Biden's White House press secretary after serving as Barack Obama's deputy press secretary for 12 years.

Many of her political appointments during her career were extremely stressful, which could explain why weight became an issue for her.

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But it appeared that she had lost weight prior to her time in the White House, but it appears that Covid may have resulted in a bit more weight loss.

Jen Psaki Weight Loss Transformation

Jen Psaki has never appeared to be obese or overweight, but her hectic life in politics, particularly in the White House, would have resulted in some fluctuations.

When comparing photos of her before she became deputy press secretary at the White House to those from ten years ago, it appears that she has lost a few pounds.

Jen has also had a very busy work schedule since she became campaign manager for Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin in 2000 and later joined the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

But things only got busier when she was named Joe Biden's White House press secretary.

And it was during this time that she contracted Covid, and when she returned to work a few weeks later, she appeared to have lost quite a bit of weight.

How Did Jen Psaki Change Her Diet?

Jen Psaki did not reveal whether or not she altered her diet in any of her public interviews.

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We can only speculate on what she did to lose weight in the past, but one thing we noticed is that she appears to have lost weight quite easily after her two pregnancies.

It's normal for women to gain weight while pregnant, but in my experience with clients who have had children, paying attention to macros and increasing protein intake can help to lose the baby fat.

Add to that a good old-fashioned portion control diet and adequate exercise, and losing a few pounds can become a lot easier.

What’s Jen Psaki Exercise Routine?

Jen Psaki hasn't revealed anything about her workout routine or how she stays fit.

You could argue that being the White House press secretary will keep her active and on her feet for the majority of the day.

She may have gone for a lot of walks outside, especially since she has two children.

However, maintaining a slim physique will necessitate some anaerobic exercises.

Moreover, studies have shown that varying the intensity aids in weight loss.

Did Jen Psaki Have Surgery?

There is no evidence that Jen Psaki underwent any surgery. Looking through old photos of her, she never appeared significantly overweight enough to justify weight loss surgery.

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She also doesn't appear to have changed her body or facial appearance through surgery.

Based on this, I would conclude that she was able to lose weight at various points in her career through dieting and physical activity.

Jen Psaki's Supplements

According to our experience, one-way moms with very busy jobs, such as Jen Psaki, were able to achieve faster and easier weight loss without sacrificing their busy schedules by using products such as fat burners.

These are made from natural ingredients that aid in metabolism and include appetite suppressants.

As a result, you should be able to burn a few more calories per day and keep your fasting periods longer.

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A Word From GetMe Treated

One thing you should learn from Jen Psaki weight loss journey is that having a stressful job like the White House press secretary should not prevent you from losing weight. 

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