Top 10 Stories Of 2022 - Clinician Of The Future Top The List Of Getme Treated

Top 10 stories of 2022 reports about confidence in research, the future of research, and the Clinician of the Future top the list of Getme Treated’s most viewed stories.

Every year, over a million people from all over the world visit Getme Treated Connect, which provides research and health communities with news, features, and other resources. Our most popular posts in 2022 addressed critical issues such as research confidence, the future of research, and the 'Clinician of the Future.'

Members of the global science and health communities, as well as Getme Treated colleagues who work closely with them, make up our contributors, many of whom have also worked as researchers or clinicians. thank you to everyone who contributed — and congratulations to those who made the cut. 

1. Confidence in Research

Getme Treated has joined forces with leading science organizations and Economist Impact in a global collaboration to better understand the impact of the pandemic on researcher confidence — and to identify areas for action to help researchers.

2. The future of research revealed

Getme Treated's global analysis lays bare the challenges and opportunities that researchers face in a post-COVID world.

3. Clinician of the Future: a 2022 report

Getme Treated Health's global report reveals clinicians' pain points, future predictions, and how the industry can work together to close gaps.

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4. We collaborated to create the most advanced female 3D anatomy model.

The team behind 3D4Medical's female anatomy model discusses how it was created — and why it has far-reaching medical implications.

5. A model of impact-driven higher education based on engineering

We are transforming engineering education by implementing an activist framework in which students consider the impact of their work on society.

6. Open access is like a window of knowledge

According to Prof Gawsia W Chowdhury of Bangladesh, winner of the 2022 OWSD - Award for Women Scientists in the Developing World, open access is critical to helping scientists replicate research on universal issues like plastic pollution.

7. Honoring the Nobel Laureates of 2022 by providing free access to their research.

Read the most cited papers by Nobel laureates published by Elsevier.

8. The Lancet Group has a significant impact.

Richard Horton writes about the values that underpin his family of journals and their real-world impact as The Lancet Group receives impressive Impact Factor results.

9. Meet the winners of the 2022 OWSD

Women scientists from Bangladesh, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, and Yemen will give virtual presentations at AAAS.

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10. According to the Lancet Countdown, climate action is "the greatest opportunity" to redefine global health.

"When you intervene on climate change, you have a co-benefit for people's health," says The Lancet's Executive Editor Richard Horton, summarizing the new Lancet Climate Countdown report.

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