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Vegan Diet For Epilepsy

The emphasis of this vegan diet for epilepsy is high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates and therefore definitely not developed for any weight loss as it is the opposite of any other diet you can think of.

Scientific studies have proved that this vegan diet could assist with reducing or preventing epilepsy in hard-to-treat cases that could not be controlled by medication. It has been medically proven that over half of the people that go on this diet have a 50% reduction in their seizures and at least 10-15% become seizure-free (1, 2).

Most of the people on the vegan diet continue to take their medicines however some are able to take smaller doses now that they are on this diet and depending on their physician this reduction can be started, safely, as early as the initiation period of this vegan diet.

This vegan diet for epilepsy relies mainly on calorie composition. Fat is the primary source of calories consumed. The body uses fat as fuel as a result. In this manner, the body enters a condition of ketosis and is able to stop convulsions.

It’s important to keep in mind that people who follow this vegan diet must strictly monitor their eating patterns. They can keep it for many years if they do this. People have varied ideas about this diet, just like they do about anything else. In some situations, the vegan diet had no effect on the other persons while 30% of the patients experienced less seizures or no seizures at all.

Vegan Dietary Recommendations

Consume sour milk products like kefir and organic yogurt.

Beet greens, chard, eggs, green leafy vegetables, raw cheese, raw milk, raw almonds, seeds, and fermented soy items like miso, tempeh, and natto should all be consumed.

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For concentrated nutrients, sip on fresh “live” juices made from beets, carrots, green beans, green leafy vegetables, peas, red grapes, and seaweed.

Eat frequent little meals, avoid consuming a lot of liquids at once, and consume two tablespoons of olive oil each day.

Alcohol, animal protein, fried foods, artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, caffeine, and nicotine should all be avoided. Avoid sugar and processed meals.

Some of the most important vitamins and minerals for epilepsy:

  • Zinc
  • Taurine
  • Selenium
  • Folic Acid
  • Selenium
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-tyrosine
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Extra Vitamin B3
  • Pantothenic Acid

Important herbs for epilepsy include:

  • Alfalfa
  • Lobelia, hyssop, and black cohosh (for best results use on a rotating basis)
  • Avoid the herb sage – this herb should not be taken by anyone with a serious disorder

Note: Do not use the black cohosh during pregnancy

Meal example


Cheese omelet, olive oil, and steamed broccoli


Wedge of cheese


Hamburger patty topped with cheese and a salad with mayonnaise


Protein shakes with coconut oil


Salmon with asparagus and olive oil

This vegan diet forces the body to burn lipids rather than carbohydrates, which results in the production of glucose, which we know is essential for both body and brain function. The body enters a state of ketosis as a result of low carbohydrate consumption, which drives the liver to convert fats into ketones. Ketosis is advantageous for children with difficult-to-treat epilepsy because it serves as an anti-convulsant.

Easy to solve/prevent side effects

  • Due to the high-fat content, nausea and vomiting can be reduced or avoided by gradually increasing the fat over the course of a few days.
  • Sleepiness and lethargy brought on by the rise in ketone levels; pay attention to how energetic the child was prior to the diet; as your child becomes used to the vegan diet, you will notice an improvement in their alertness and significantly reduced drowsiness.
  • Constipation is a frequent side effect that can be avoided by drinking plenty of fluids and incorporating high-fiber, low-carb vegetables into the diet. The child might benefit from using a stool softener every day without any negative side effects.
  • Kidney stones, a less frequent side effect, can be prevented by making sure the youngster drinks enough water each day.
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Other recommendations:

Before going to bed, perform a lemon enema with the juice of two lemons and two quarts of distilled water if the bowels do not move every day.

Twice weekly, take an Epsom salts bath.

Develop a self-care routine. Reduce medicine dosages as much as you can, and strive to stop using drugs and having seizures altogether. The right diet and dietary supplements are crucial for controlling epilepsy.

Get frequent, moderate exercise to enhance brain circulation.

Stay as stress-free as you can.

If someone is suffering from epilepsy while you are there:

Don’t hold the person back.

Never attempt to place anything in the person’s mouth. The act of biting one’s tongue while experiencing seizures is not fatal.

Try to stop someone from falling so that they don’t crash into anything. Most of the time, the person understands they are about to have epilepsy, so you can ask them to sit on the floor or assist them in sitting down.

Keep the person flat and secure on a surface. Never place anything beneath the person’s head. If feasible, lie to the person on his or her side and support him or her while they have an epileptic fit by placing pillows behind their backs. Any saliva or blood from a biting tongue will be able to exit the mouth in this manner.

If you can, loosely cover the person with a blanket in the event that they lose control of their bladder or bowels to safeguard their privacy.

Don’t freak out. To increase comfort, loosen any restrictive garments. Till epilepsy stops, stay by the person. Immediately following the episode, he or she can feel disoriented and worn out.

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If the person has repeated epilepsy, one after another, seek medical assistance. With a baby or young child, medical help should be sought immediately.


The majority of epileptics are aware of their disease and use medicine to manage it. Blood abnormalities, lethargy, liver issues, and mental exhaustion or fogginess are examples of potential adverse effects of anti-epilepsy drugs.

Epilepsy medications can interact with other types of drugs, weakening or enhancing the effects of one or more drugs. Certain epilepsy treatments are known to interact with alcohol, birth control pills, the antibiotic erythromycin, as well as various types of asthma, ulcer, and cardiac medications.

A Word From GetMe Treated

This vegan diet for epilepsy seems to be effective in patients that suffer from epilepsy due to a metabolic disorder or when the body unsuccessfully processes vitamins and nutrients. If you have any information or questions, kindly drop a comment in the comment section or via the contact us page.



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